I started Garden Nanny 15 years ago when I helped my friends tend their much loved gardens. It became a business when one friend after another insisted on paying for my work and wanted me to take on more tasks and responsibilities in their gardens.

Today Garden Nanny continues to work side by side with home gardeners, the original model, but also has expanded to include design, installation and maintenance of home gardens, public gardens and commercial spaces, plus property cleanups and restoration. The formal training I pursued along the way is based in the best practices and principles of sustainable landscape design and gardening.

We always aim to provide customized service in the spirit of collaboration with the property owner.

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  • Ornamental Garden Design
  • Installation Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Container Plant Design & Installation
  • Property Cleanup & Restoration
  • Garden Nanny
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Vacation Care
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About Brenda Thomas, Founder/Owner

I have a degree in English literature and was a professional actor for 40 years. When I moved back to Englewood to my family’s home—where my great grandmother grew dahlias and roses and my great uncle, a professional gardener, taught me to weed—I was able to pursue gardening as a hobby. I learned from gardening columns, radio shows, other garden hobbyists and finally assisting a landscape gardener, who taught me so much about the work with plants and their stewards, the homeowners. I gradually made the transition from working actor/garden hobbyist to landscape gardener: I trained at the New York Botanical Garden, earning a certificate in Ornamental Garden Design; I continue to study at Rutgers School of Continuing Professional Education.

More than once my instructors impressed on me how important it is to keep the consumer informed about the work that is being done. I strive to approach my work with that in mind, explaining to my clients the scope of the work and the underlying reasons. My aim is to collaborate with the property owner to provide his/her choice of design and care best suited to their particular landscape. Most important, I aim to create gardens that bring delight to anyone who encounters them.

One last note: My greatest joy is witnessing the power of gardening to heal and lift a person’s spirit, especially with my Garden Nanny clients who need help continuing to work in their gardens after experiencing physical limitations. How gratifying it is to see those smiles when a gardener can restore and maintain their treasured garden!

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